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Show 08-08-05 / Me Back!

{listen to this program} (60 minutes, 64kbps mono mp3, 28MB)

Show Log:
1. Akufen - REV0004 A - REV0004 (Revolver)
2. Errand Boy - Shaking Frames and Layers of Guilt - Bachelor of Commerce (PNR {upcoming} / Artist Site)
3. Disrupt - Chip on Fire - The Jah Bit Invasion (Ideology)
4. Matthew Herbert - White Bread Brown Bread - Plat du Jour (Accidental)

"all melodies and chords are samples of a bellini bet 200 toaster (made in china) and played by phil parnell, dave o'higgins, pete wraight and matthew Herbert live percussion is made from white toast, brown toast and a Russell hobbs and bellini toaster. the kick drum is a petrol can. they are all played by leo taylor" - from the site

5. Matthew Herbert - Nigella, George, Tony and Me - (Accidental)

"we recreated the meal that nigella lawson cooked for george bush when he came to britain to thank tony blair for his support during the iraq during the meal the wives ate separately. then we drove over the meal with a chieftan mk 10 battle tank from the mid-late sixties." - from the site

6. Virus Syndicate - Slow Down - single (Planet Mu)
7. The Blitters - Eating your Brains - 7" (Artist Site)
8. FDH - Novaela - Novaela (Artist Site)

From the Wikipedia entry for Czechtek:

"In 2005 the CzechTek festival was broken up by around 1,000 riot police using tear gas and water cannons. This action left around 30 people and 50 police officers injured and caused protests outside the Czech interior ministry. The Prime Minister, Jiri Paroubek, defended the action stating that the techno fans were "no dancing children, but dangerous people".

More information can be found at indymedia.org.

Some Czech idm:
9. Insider Tradings - Elementary Basic - single (Camomille)
10. Okymisha - Atami - (Laverna)
11. Blue Eyed Peasant - Don't Fuck With Me Now - (Artist Site)
12. Mikhail Karikis - 'Once More' in CoF Minor - Army Of Me Remixes and Covers (OneLittleIndian)
13. Caribou - Subotnick - Milk of Human Kindness (Leaf)