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The All-Mp3-Bloggin' Show Episode 1

from an idiots guide to dreaming:
Cobra Killers - "Let's Have a Problem"

"Cobra Killers have somehow passed me by but I can't think for the life of me why i haven't noticed them before.

They play a sexy/seedy 'Peaches' like brand of bad tempered sweetness; electro-garage probably (i'm worse than bad with genres), like a CocoRosie who missed the blues right out of the musical timeline and headed straight for the gutter-trash postmodernism of The Cramps. Just 2 girls and a sampler getting wet n wild via an updating of the tired riot grrl scene (which was always more about hairclips than fury) complete with theatrical live shows, confrontational stances (as opposed to Len Ganley ones) and bad attitude.

Lovely girls, I'm sure."

tecx - in times like this (cc)

a track from "the polygon minute" compilation of electronic musicians from atlantic canada. this one even has a video.
from gabba > pod:
Shystie - Step Back ( Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)

" This hasn't gone through the cursory 200 listens it usually takes me to decide upon posting a track for your enjoyment, probably because I was so looking forward to hearing it. Mssrs Tenniswood and Weatherall add some electro squelch and buzz to Shysties signature track. Thanks to gingerz."
from an idiots guide to dreaming:
Secret Mommy - drop shadow

"...They mine a source of soupy glitchiness that almost ends in disaster everytime but somehow manages to cling precariously to order and progression and tunefulness. The music has a lightness to it that somehow makes me think of a hundred salvia-slewed machine-elves running their tiny feet off to catch the last train. To Weymouth."

from the comfort stand:
The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Bloops, Bleeps, Bongos & Brass

" A one man music project out of Tallahassee, Florida, The Coconut Monkeyrocket A.K.A. Jason Emmett assembles layers and layers of samples together to make a cartoonish dance racket."

stokast - haffy minute (cc)

"Who the heck does this guy think he is, anyway?"

from Moebius Rex:
Märtini Brös "Big and Dirty (Tiga Remix)"

"For a lot of people, Tiga's the man of the moment when it comes to electrotechno remixes, which is why I was a bit surprised to be underwhelmed by the first few moments of this one. Happily, it turned out to be a good time to put that shrieking desire for instant shock and awe into restraints. The track builds and builds and is ultimately vindicated quite nicely about four minutes in, when things take a turn for the bombastic, especially on a nice, loud soundsystem. In the meantime, there's plenty to enjoy, from the rafter-shaking broken beats to the oddball rap about travelling the world in search of things big and dirty in planes that are (frighteningly? ominously? joyfully?) "without pilots." In the end it's a vast improvement over the original track."

david gabriel - nelson (cc)

Do the roboto!

from Moebius Rex:
Radio 4 "Absolute Affirmation (Si Begg's Instrumental Club Mix)"

"This track, a remix of a soon-to-be-released single by Gotham City disco-punk rockers Radio 4, seemed to turn my head inside out when I first heard it...but, you know, in a good way. Si Begg zapped most of the vocals (save for a nice long cut of the chorus that pops in at the 4 minute mark) but makes up for them by immersing your ears in a thickly pulsing bath of distorted bass. Every time I listen I feel like my cerebral cortex has gotten a slight massage. It's utterly invigorating, it is. In fact, I think I'll partake of this new aural spa treatment a few more times before I finish typing up this post."

from the witness exchange:
Grandma - "Strawberry Rhubarb Oppai"

and finally, some more cancon:
sleepy rabbit - bee sting slow (cc)
good downtempo buildup from PEI