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Black Moth
Super Rainbow

Okay. Here's the story.

Some hardcore Boards of Canada fans bought a laptop, dropped some serious acid, booted up cubase and never came down.
black moth super rainbow - i think it is beautiful that you are 256 colors too.mp3

They make paper airplanes and ride them to the supermarket, where they steal bananas in their oversized coats.
black moth super rainbow - trees and colors and wizards.mp3

Their roommates think they're a little messy, but they make them laugh and think about serious things without getting all sappy and shit, so they forgive them.
black moth super rainbow - boatfriend.mp3

They also make a mean sandwich out of imaginary, brightly coloured letters.
black moth super rainbow - i am the alphabet.mp3

They're Black Moth Super Rainbow, and you should visit their website.