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ADULT. release their new record "Gimmie Trouble" on Thrill Jockey today.

Far from being the latest band to jump on the electroclash bandwagon, ADULT. is a group that has innovated on the trashy, thumping, half-talk-half-sing sound since people started punking out over electro beats in the late 90's.

Based out of Detroit, Michigan, the band's current incarnation is Nicola Kuperus, Adam Lee Miller and Samuel Consiglio.

ADULT. - Bad Idea.mp3

This song is one of the best on the album, and it sounds like what the Crass of 1981 might have if they had better computers. Bleepy, crunchy and tight + trashy, saucy, and in-your-face.

You can buy this album from the Thrill Jockey website.