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Audio Deviance Show at the Khyber Club, Oct 4.

Next show:

Thanks to everyone for everyone for coming out last night!!!

Apparently the manager of the khyber came in at one point and was like ... 'What the hell is this fucking music????' ... But then looked around and was like ... 'Why the are all these fucking people here??????!!'

STOKAST'S PLAYLIST (roughly. from memory ... in alphabetical order ... with appropriate links!! ... (mostly non-mp3 links, sadly)):
apparat - execute
apparat - fuckeddub
asa chang & jun rae - toremono
chris clark - slow spines
dabrye - with a professional
dmx krew - honey
jason forrest - spectacle to refute all judgements
king tubby - studio one exclusive dub (++ dizzy rascal's "jus a rascal" acapella)
phoenicia - odd job (get fresh version)
plaid - miami vice (feat. now)
pornosonic compilation - laying pipe
prince - kiss (played at 150bpm)
senor coconut - showroom dummies
shitmat - badman ballad
shystie - step back (two lone swordsmen remix)
slaughter mob - creaky door
t. raumschmiere - nietenbolzen (++ grandmaster flash's "the message" acapella)
t. raumschmiere - wilkommen im strom
the bug - run the place red (afx remix; featuring daddy freddy)
venetian snares - hand throw

1. Panda Bear - Untitled (from 'Young Prayer' LP, Paw Tracks, 2004)
2. The Homosexuals - Symbols I Love (from 'Astral Glamour', a compilation of Homosexuals recordings from 1977-1984, Morphius Records, 2004)
3. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Among Dreams (from 'The Doldrums' CD-R, originally self-released in 2000, re-released today on Paw Tracks)
4. Fifty-Foot Hose - If Not This Time (from 'Cauldron' LP, Limelight Records, 1968)
5. Dan Friel - 7 Sisters (from 'Sunburn' CD, Velocirecords, 2004)
6. Saicobab - Death Valley '69 (from 'Confuse Yr Idols', Sonic Youth tribute compilation, Narnack Records, 2004)
7. Born Heller - Pansies, Will You Ever Grow? (from self-titled LP, Locust Music, 2004)
8. Black Dice - Trip Dude Delay (from 'Miles of Smiles' 12", DFA Records, 2004)
9. The Ethix - Bad Trip ('Bad Trip/'Skins' 7-inch, Mary Jane Records, 1967)
10. Frog Eyes - Ice On The Trail (from 'The Folded Palm', Absolutely Kosher Records, 2004)
11. Can - Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. remix, from the 'Sacrilege' remix CD, Spoon Records, 1997)
12. mOne vs the Animal Collective - SW RD (remix, details unknown)

da deco gangsta's set list

m83 - birds
boom bip - from 2806:42:12
nina hagen - zara
xiu xiu - ian curtis wishlist
dat politics - go pets go
max tundra - 6161
junior boys - under the sun
kiln - ero
telefon tel aviv - ?
boom bip - the unthinkable
chessie - lineside
m83 - run into flowers (abstrackt keal agram mix)
t. raumschmeire - radio blackout
mu - my name is tommie
cabaret voltaire - nag nag nag (r. kirk remix)
the rapture - notes (kid 606 remix)
my bloody valentine - sueisfine

We are scheduled for another show at the khyber on november 1st (same bat place, same bat channel) but stay tuned for more frequent awesomeness. keep thee ears peeled: http://audiodeviance.net