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three seas
& one bottle

From the interdisco netlabel:

"granny'ark is michelle irving from vancouver (canada) who generally has several irons in the fire. these include making rather organic electronic music, delicate video visuals, some drawings, fine food, and lately geek-out sessions in max/msp. granny'ark is dedicated to a compositional approach which steps out of the loop de loop but also explores minimal techs better qualities. she has performed internationally as a live pa artist and her visual work has also been featured in a number of festivals."

(She may be living in Vancouver now, but I think she's originally from Nova Scotia)

My favorite track from the ep: granny_ark-talu.mp3

Download the whole ep in ogg or mp3 format here.

She has released a really beautiful 12" "Resurgo" on the zora lanson label recently. Go here for audio samples.