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Alexandre Bilodeau - Bonze Deluxe EP

Finally!! A Polygon Network release from Moncton's Alexandre Bilodeau.

Bilodeau -- quirky techno superstar -- leads a relentless attack on Atlantic Canada yet again with this fabulous Bonze Deluxe EP... The meaning of which I am not quite certain. Maybe he should say what it means.

Anyway. The EP has five rock-solid tracks that will definitely get your head nodding, if not your booty shaking.


I just checked "BONZE" in the dictionary, and apparently it means a buddhist monk.

So I guess that means that if you don't dig this EP, be prepared or Bilodeau is going to come to your house and get all buddhist on your ass. Watch out.

Here are two of my faves from the release:

Visit the release page for the rest.