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After 3 years or so of exploring the possibilities of Plunderphonics, Mashups and Bastard Pop Dsico (That No-Talent Hack) has finally given it up. Tired of just adding the latest Missy Eliot vocal to a classic Joy Division track, bored of the pseudo-ironic, derivative nature of Bastard Pop Dsico has struck out in a new direction...

...to self-conscious indie disco electro new wave rock! Oh yeah. "You Fight Like A Girl" sees him in good form. He's still pop-culture obsessed, but now he's using his powers for good, so back up!!

dsico - hungover again.mp3
dsico - rescue.mp3

You can buy the album online at the spasticated webshop.

Of course, I must say that even if it isn't as artistically satisfying, it still is pretty fun to listen to Love Will Freak Us.mp3 (Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On + Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart)