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o9 / Symbol Sickness EP

o9, also known as Jesse Legg, lives in Miami and makes music that takes influence from a huge range of electronic music genres -- from noise to breakcore to ambient to classic to chiptune. His Church of the Ghetto PC release on Schematic records blew my mind last year, and made it to the top of my top ten-or-so albums of 2004.

The Symbol Sickness EP, an earlier collection of 4 tracks by o9 with a similar range of styles, was originally released on Nophi Records in mp3 format. It was intended to have been a full-length album of the same name as a cdr and vinyl release, but for some reason the idea was scrapped. As of September 2004, the full-length version of the EP was available from www.ezrpm.com. But the link is currently down there as well.

But it will be here for a few days. (75 MB, single track)

Enjoy the music, it's a real trip. If you like it, please show your support by buying a copy of Church of the Ghetto PC at the Schematic Records online shop.