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Montag / Alone, Not Alone

From the wilds of Montreal comes another great addition to right-brained music - Montag's "Alone, Not Alone", out on France's Gooom records.

Listen to it, cuddle up to it, make love to it, then have a little argument with it so you can channel that anger into more sex.

From Boomkat: "The aural equivalent of a much needed sigh."

From Pitchfork: "Perfumed, stylishly retro electro-pop... On Alone, Not Alone, Montag has achieved a cunning equilibrium between distance and immediacy by covering the range between elastic, swooning electro-pop and concise, considered standoffishness."

Montag - Perfect Vision.mp3

You can listen to exerpts of the rest of the album on Gooom's promo website.