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Autechre Updates

It turns out that the leaked album wasn't a hoax after all... Check out Autechre's website to listen to a stream of their new album, "Untilted", due to be released to the public on April 18, 2005. If you like it, you can order it from Warpmart.

Or you can ask them why it's such a disappointing album here.

...Okay, okay... I'll probably get to like it eventually, but it won't be my favorite.

Anyway. Regardless of whether you like this particular album, Autechre will always be worth experiencing live, so buy teh tickets, d00z.

Side note:
There's something mysterious happening at www.autechre.ws ... Rumours are that this Sunday, Sean and Rob will be doing a live broadcast from noon to midnight (GMT?) from this site ? There are already strange noises coming from the link, but is it Autechre? Does it really matter?

And finally...
autechre - lentic c.mp3 (from confield)