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Winter Music Conference / Swamp Thing Interviews

I stumbled onto these mp3 interview clips from the Miami Winter Music Conference from last year, and I had to annotate them with some mp3 files because all of these artists are awesome... The interviews are only a few minutes long each.

All interview links will direct you to the Jaxlore Swamp Thing Winter Music Conference interview website.

Dabrye (Ghostly International)

- Dabrye - Interview.mp3
- Dabrye-Smoking_The_Edge.mp3
- Dabrye-Hot_Mating_Ritual.mp3

Syrofoam (Morr)

- Styrofoam - Interview.mp3
- Styrofoam - Couches in the Alley (ft. Ben Gibbard).mp3


- Baseck - Interview.mp3
- baseck_5-14-01.mp3 (dj mix)

Otto Von Schirach (Schematic/Beta Bodega/Addict)

- Otto Von Schirach - Interview.mp3
- Flash videos (Music by OVS)
- Preview mp3 Clips

Jimmy Edgar (Warp, M3rck)

- Jimmy Edgar - Interview.mp3
- Jimmy Edgar - I wanna be your STD.mp3
- JimmyEdgarDJ.mp3 (dj mix)

Secret Frequency Crew {original site down, this links to the archive.org cache} (Schematic/Counterflow)

- Secret Frequency Crew - Interview.mp3
- Sample mp3s

o9 (Schematic/M3rk)

- o9 - Interview.mp3
- o9 - Terminal Silver.mp3

Doormouse (Addict/Planet-Mu)

- Doormouse - Interview.mp3
- Broken (mp3 samples)

The Soft Pink Truth (Matmos, Soundslike)

- The Soft Pink Truth - Interview.mp3
- Videos