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Seba / Rap Quebecois

It's difficult to find information about him in English, but Séba, also known as Eric Brousseau, is a rapper that more people should know about. He has collaborated with notables such as Ghislain Poirier, Various, RDJ2, 1-Speed-Bike, TTC and Loco Locass.

What's particularly cool about him is that he raps in his native Québécois joual, using the slang and turns of phrase from the dialect to powerful effect in his rap.

"I went to seek the old Québécois language dictionaries and I realized the richness of the expressions. I decided to promote the Québécois culture." {translated link}

Quebec has a long history of story tellers, and as a rapper Séba slips easily into that tradition. Here's a track from Ghislain Poirier's Conflits:
ghislain poirier - pour la suite du monde (feat. seba).mp3

Pick up the Conflits cd, out on Intr_Version records here.