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I love Soulseek. Not only is it a great way to find excellent music, but it's also an great way to network with people. Take, for example, last week, when I met Denix from Uzbekistan.

He used to live and work in Russia, where he played and produced drum and bass with a crew called Prode. He recently moved back to his home in Uzbekistan, and his music has been heading out into left field.

The only fact I know about Uzbekistan is that it's one of the only double-landlocked countries (where all of the countries surrounding it are landlocked) {read more here at Wikipedia} and I know just a little bit about this guy, but he was really friendly and sent me a few of his mp3s.

denix - after rally day.mp3
denix - hello world.mp3
denix - mikrad.mp3

If you like his music, let me know so I can pass it along.