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Deemah / Techno Transplant

Dmitry Meshcheryakov is a Halifax electronic musician who immigrated to Canada from Russia in 2000. After several years performing in rock bands, he moved to Moscow and formed the DSM Formation (previously Devil Stone Medicine), whose album "Medved Malun" was released on Cosmos Productions and received acclaim from Moscow music critics. In 2000, he moved here to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he's been producing music for both the head nodders (as NeoPlasm) and the booty shakers (as Deemah {previously D_Mon}) ever since. These days he's getting attention as a skilled house producer, and has just been signed to Toronto's Slush Records with a three 12" album deal. His music has also appeared on the Dig Your Roots electronic dance compilation, and has recently won Reflections Cabaret here in Halifax. He was pounding out energetic, live four-to-the-floor for 2 hours before I got far too wrecked to continue. Dmitry was still bouncing around and playing it up for the audience at 3:00, when I took off.

His dance music is good, but I really enjoy the darker, headier stuff he produces under the NeoPlasm moniker. Click here to listen to a real audio stream of the tracks from his site on New Music Canada.

Knowing you're probably after the mp3s, I dug deep in the CKDU library for this more downtempo track from an earlier pseudonym:

D_Mon - Sterilized.mp3

Of course, don't get me wrong... His dance tracks are totally worth hearing.