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Nanoloop for Joy

Yes, the rumours are true. Nanoloop 2.0 has finally been released, and you are all very very sad that you sold your Gameboy Advance not two years ago, and you don't have 80 Euro with which to acquire this magical cartridge of insane retro coolness, and therefore you will not and cannot ever become a gameboy musician like Slagsmalsklubben or Bubblyfish or Nullsleep or 6955 or Trash80 or Virt or 8cylinder or Covox or Bit Shifter or Bud Melvin or The Gameboy Orchestra or Lo-Bat or random and kokoromix or ... or ...

Or maybe that's just me.

Oh well. Even if you don't have a gameboy or you can't afford it, you can still use 8 cylinder's fun stuff or other musikprogramme with a gameboy emulator and pretend you're cool.