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Oxygenfad, also known as William McCloud, is a guy from Moncton, New Brunswick who produces some of the craziest, fastest, heaviest, and most intense electronic music in Atlantic Canada.

His music has had been featured on netlabels and on compilations, including the Polygon Network's Polygon Minute (a compilation containing 48 different one minute tracks by Atlantic Canadian artists.) Soon Oxygenfad will have two vinyl releases on Killbot records, a primarily breakcore-focused label out of Australia.

Last week I had the chance to speak with Will about his music. You can listen to that interview, as well as a spotlight on his tracks here:

RFP_Oxygenfad_Spotlight.mp3 {64 kpbs mono - 51 minutes}

The track list:
1. Oxygenfad - Computer Likes to Sing.mp3
2. Carbonfad - Hungry Ghost.mp3
3. Oxygenfad - This is This.mp3
4. Oxygenfad - Unplug the Phone.mp3
5. Oxygenfad - Sam Matthews is in Control.mp3
6. Oxygenfad - Super Side Scrolling Action.mp3
7. Oxygenfad - Keyboard That We Stole From Luc's Little Brother.mp3
8. Paranerd - Caught Your Tumble.mp3 {more by Paranerd here}
9. Oxygenfad - Wow You are Fucking Different.mp3

Or you can grab an m3u and stream these tracks in your media player here.

Find more music and information about Oxygenfad here.