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Solvent / Synths for Snow

Some sad vocoded electro today from Toronto's Solvent, to go along with the Spring-optimism-crushing snow (!) that's falling right now in Halifax. This track comes from his Elevators and Oscilators full-length on Ghostly International, a label known for its forward-thinking electro. While his labelmate Dabrye leans toward the hip hop side, and Kill Memory Crash go for a more industrial sound, Solvent goes for the melancholy indie pop side of the 4/4 + 150bpm + stiff drum machine equation.

Solvent - Wish.mp3

This track shows Solvent playing many of the same cards as the brilliant My Radio, which you can listen to at his NewMusicCanada site.

{order Elevators and Oscillators or Apples and Synthesizers here}