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Some Kind of Blue

The blues may have been born in the Mississippi Delta over a hundred years ago, but that doesn't mean people aren't allowed to fool around with it. In fact, if you're still around when you're a hundred years old, I bet you'll still want a little bit of action every now and again.

Well, it just so happens that three hot young things from the Inflatabl Labl came by the blues' house and went out on the town for a little debauch... Then they went down to the crossroads of Electric Avenue and 12-Bar-Form street. Luckily, someone had a tape recorder going.

"blu tribunL" is a compilation of electronic blues. Akufen, The Rip-Off Artist, and Freeform all take different approaches to the theme... Akufen is characteristically glitchy and hoppy, with vocals and guitars popping out from all directions. The Rip-Off Artist also uses short samples from blues recordings. He also uses the 12-bar form as a starting point, then "splinters it into a thousand pieces." Freeform's tracks, because he gives the least amount of leeway to the genre -- the samples seeming more like add-ons to a previous project -- seem the weakest on the album. The best tracks, however, in the mess of bloops and quick-cut samples, actually manage to evoke the spirit of the blues. Definitely worth checking out.


You can listen to other audio samples on the Inflatabl website.