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The Two Horsemen Of The Boh Selecta Apocalypse

I have a theory: Drum and Bass is dying, and there are two people responsible.

Venetian Snares is the harbringer of drum and bass death (as we know it). He and Artful Dodger (gack!) are the two horsemen of the drum and bass apocalypse, and they and their minions will smite all that push up yo spliff inside da place.

They represent the crazily divergent forms that drum and bass has become. They've stretched the music stretched so far from real drum and bass that they've pulled away from it. Where Venetian Snares and the Artful Dodger collide, DRUM AND BASS WILL BE DESTROYED!! (maybe)
Or ignored!!

Yea verily.

Artful Dodger - Re-Rewind.mp3 . . . . . . . . Venetian Snares - Dollmaker

But who knows...?
Are there tricks up its sleeve?