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The New Pope of Glitch-Hop

Iso Brown is the reason I scour netlabels.

His production skills are razor sharp. He's got a broad sonic palette, and uses stereo to full advantage. He's got a gloomy aesthetic, but it doesn't drown out the music's sense of fun.

Face it. His music is just fucking wicked, and you will download it now and shit your pants.

Glitch-hop, folktronica, breakcore, idm, the books, chris clark, brothomstates, blah, blah, whatever. You will shit your pants.

Or maybe you won't shit your pants, but you will still download it and be impressed.


Visit his website here to hear the rest of the tracks from "Concrete". Or visit the netlabel Byteburger Records and find some other insanely fantastic artist that no one has ever heard of.