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Grandma / Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP

Rewinding back to 2002, I bring you the 'Spinach Gas Room Spaghetti Straps EP', a brilliant release from the then-15-year-old Connor Kirby-Long, also known as Grandma, also known as I, Cactus, and also known as Khonnor.

His I, Cactus release on 8-bit peoples has long been one of my favorite netlabel finds. As Khonnor, he has recently released a full-length on Type Records, which has a slew of critics proclaiming its greatness, including Grooves Magazine, which called Handwriting "the most jaw-dropping debut since 'Music Has The Right To Children'." (!)

This net EP from Grandma, in spite of being his first public release, sounds more like the midpoint between his I, Cactus and Khonnor releases, because of its diverse range of styles...

Enough chatter... bring on the tracks!!:
01. Grandma - He Near Krxern.mp3
02. Grandma - Sandy Point.mp3
03. Grandma - Why The Fuck Did You Eat My Babies?.mp3
04. Grandma - Strawberry Rhubarb Oppai.mp3

"...Classic idm-ish melodies, super-intricate drill+bass programming, and improvised guitars/vocals."