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Macc / Abstract Drum and Bass

Some abstract drum and bass from the Exegene netlabel:

Exegene drops two exclusive tracks by Macc, especially for you drum lovers out there. Macc is becoming a wanted man in the breakbeat drum and bass scene, with a release on Paradox Music already under his belt. This year looks set to be Macc's year, with his talented and unique style unveiled on labels such as Counter Intelligence, Vibez and Synaptic Plastic. The man himself claims that his tracks for XGN013 feature his best drum programming to date, and we'd have to agree. If you haven't heard what Macc can do with a breakbeat by now, sit back and prepare to be stunned. Accompanying you will be his trademark haunting atmospherics and truly subtastic bottom end.

macc - empty instrument.mp3
macc - non-linear phrasing.mp3