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Fidget - Raw Philly Sounds

From the Foundsound / Unfoundsound website:

unfields1 is brought to you by fidget (erin anderson), an experimental electronic musician, a philadelphia dj, one-half of flowchart alongside sean o'neal, and most importantly a found sounds/field recordings junkie. her gathering of field recordings took place in foundsound's hometown of philadelphia.

What Fidget has to say about the experience of recording in Philadelphia, her home town:
"i was totally focused on my surroundings (and not distracted by the chatter on my cellphone or the chatter in my head), and this whole new beautiful world just opened up around me while i was in a place where i have been dozens of times before. recording the sounds around me opened my eyes. the inspiration i was looking for was right before me the entire time, and all i had to do was listen."

To download the 27 wav files (zipped), click here.

Be sure to put on your headphones for this one. The total length is only about 5 minutes long, but the experience is well worth it. ...And if you do any sonic tinkering, feel free to 'sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work.'