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mikrokiko - temporallynonmunito

Some fun listening from German minimal installation / sound / doodle / video artist Mikrokiko out on the excellent Ogredung netlabel:

Mikrokiko's music sounds like a lukewarm pool of half-sunk clicks, a well-thought blending of dub reconstructive cuts and unpretentious micronoises; a boiling cup of resonating waves, where rhythm and melody fluctuate and eventually meld together. Mikrokiko is a tasteful experience of relaxing minimal noise dub (which is strongly recommended to listen to as a whole), something to enjoy with a glass of something and an expansed mind.

01. koffono1 [mp3]
02. nilotangci [mp3]
03. frzeaoo4b [mp3]
04. zabmehab [mp3]
05. slidimto2 [mp3]

ZIP Download

If you enjoy these mp3s, be sure to visit Mikrokiko's website for more...