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Delocalized - Jazz Remix Compilation

An excellent compilation out on the French netlabel eDogm. All tracks are remixes of the Toulouse, France jazz band Pulcinella.

Some of these tracks go into upbeat BoC territory, others are more alien soundscape, but wherever it goes, the common sample base really makes the comp stick together well. A great netrelease.

256kbps mp3s:

1. Kirbi - Morphée.mp3
2. Fedaden - Dirty Kid (Sale Gosse).mp3
3. Cloth - Je Suis Dans La Dèche.mp3
4. Liliom - Time Is Flying (Haletant et Court).mp3
5. D'incise - Requiem (remix v2).mp3
6. Bazaar - Purple Ass Baboon (L'amérique qu'on aime).mp3

For other bitrates and the album cover, go here, or visit the eDogm netlabel here.