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Transient - Palm Cuts

Palm Computers make the people who use them more productive -- just ask Carl Martin, also known as Transient.

Though he has been making electronic music for 11 years, around 7 months ago he started making music with his hand held Sony Clie device using a program called Bhajis Loops. Since then he's released 6 volumes (over 2 hours!) of music he made in parking lots, in the bathroom, in the woods, during his lunch break at work, or on the couch.

I stumbled onto volume six of his Palm Cuts series just recently and was curious about the idea, so I listened to some of the mp3s. Most of the music is simply a great demonstration of what the program can do, but some of the tracks really impressed me.

Transient - Sunburn.mp3
Transient - Magic Blinking Microbe.mp3
Transient - Vision Enhancer.mp3
Transient - I don't like the Coco Pod.mp3

You can check out the rest of the Palm Cuts series at Transient's archive.org site here.