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Alexandre Bilodeau - Energy

√Čnergy is the latest net-single from the Moncton-based electronic music composer Alexandre Bilodeau.

Included with the Epsilonlab release are five remixes from Quebec's Pheek, Paul Keeley, Eloi Brunelle, New York's Vincent Casanova, and Nova Scotia's Mateo Murphy. They're available on the EpsilonLab release page, here.

The description on Epsilonlab really tries to push √Čnergy as a track for the dancefloor. But is it really "stompy tech-house" with "club rocking flow"? Is it "a cyber-tech dance floor gem"? I think they're forcing a round peg into a square hole. You know guys, there's nothing wrong with techno that makes you think more than dance. And even though the Bilodeau's original is one of the least danceable tracks on the release, his version is still the best.


Bilodeau has been producing music for six years, and for the past few years he's been making beats for hip hop groups. His most notable live performance was at 2004's huge Evolve Festival.

He has a number of other excellent net releases -- His "Wois-Tu Ca?" release is available as a 59-minute mp3 at www.acadieurbaine.net, and his directory at scene.org is full of great tracks, ranging from the dub-inspired connect {mp3}, to the swingy he-ya {mp3}, to the sexy du te sur le dos {mp3}, to the driving kashmir {mp3}.

Let the not-dancing begin!