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Aleksi Virta - ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge

Okay. If it's not raining where you are, load these tracks from Monotonik's Aleksi Virta into your mp3 player, go grab the biggest pair of sunglasses you own, mix yourself a quick cocktail for the road, then walk outside. Then strut around scoping out cosmic babes or dudes, popping your fingers and saying "Heeyyyyyyyy."

Trust me on this one. It'll be awesome.

01. outer edge intro 4.3M
02. nebulae herb 4.8M
03. cosmos bossa 6.5M
04. gavrila nebula 1.5M
05. the giant catch 22 6.4M
06. whirlwind pistols dub 4.6M
07. o tema de viagem especial 5.2M
08. art of far 2.6M
09. dragons 4.0M
10. true dwelling place 4.8M
11. princess melodiae 8.3M

Click here for the release page... Or here to read more about Aleksi Virta's intrepid adventures.

(File under: Goofball Freakout Secret Agent Space Funk)