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Disrupt / The Jah Bit Invasion EP

Yes, the JAH BIT INVASION is exactly what it sounds like:

Miniature rastafarians overthrowing Babylon.

Because they are only the small 8-bit variety of rastafarian, they cannot fight directly. They carry out carefully planned acts of terrorism on your computer, in the form of spyware and virii, hoping that one day all computers will be rendered inoperable, one machine at a time.

But look on the bright side: They just want you to work less! Enjoy life! Smoke the sacred herb! Worship Haile Selassie I, the former emperor of Ethiopia, as King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the Lion of Judah! Destroy Babylon in the name of Jahtari!

These virii will, of course, reprogram the computers they infect to produce millions of hours of raggae and dub. So please, to help things along, stop listening to that horrible music you were just listening to and start downloading digital raggae from Jahtari.

And if you think they're not mad serious, check this out, along with other awesome tracks from this EP.

Disrupt - Riddim Grid.mp3

And as for the sacrament, well... I know a guy.