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Netlabel Finds

It's a good day for music at archive.org. Lots of excellent stuff just released in their netlabel section...

First up, some jumpy techno-electro from DJ Submit on a release called "That Which Came B4", on the Pop Quiz label. If you like this, be sure to check out the Pop Quiz page at archive.org.

Submit - Ramenwarrior.mp3

Next, on the excellent Panaspria label, is a jazzy release "All Too Capable of Sustained Backwards Glances" from Nuthre.

Nuthre - Classic Quintet.mp3

From Planear records comes a rawkus, excellent compilation:

Elektrobi - Evry.mp3
Melack - Didgparisdoo.mp3
Melack - Pituleta.mp3

Another one from Nuthre called "Matter and Motion". This one is more melancholy and contemplative.

Nuthre - Capillary Attraction.mp3

Next up are sparse electronic sounds from Pino the frog:

Pino the Frog - Ten-IO.mp3

And that's about all I have time for now... Enjoy the choons.