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Machines Breaking Down

I stumbled onto the debut album from Calamalka recently, and I've been struggling to figure out what's making me like it so much. Electronic dub never seemed to draw my attention before, but "Shredder's Dub" seems to have a firm grip on it. It's got a strong atmosphere of haze, dreariness, and grease, and I'm finding it really mesmerizing.

Cameron Macdonald's Pitchfork review of the album brings up an interesting point about the relationship between music and machines, and I think its heading in the right direction for describing Calamalka's music. While some music romanticises machines as clean, smooth-running things that make life happier and more efficient, classic dub, Macdonald says, evokes images of machines after years of use... As things that are worn out, rusty, and falling apart.

calamalka - bumpea.mp3

"Shredder's Dub" is out on Plug Research records (buy it here)